Spiritual Awakening 

The Only Way is UP

A spiritual awakening marks the start of a powerful, life changing journey towards reconnecting with our soul-self.  In order to learn and grow as spiritual beings, we must be willing to develop our inner world equally to that of our outer world.  We must learn how to explore the wider realms of our consciousness, be willing to experience our emotions, observe our thoughts and feelings, and understand our behaviour.  It's important to recognise that all life is an energetic composition of mind, body, spirit and soul.  

Spiritual Awakening Begins

Spiritual awakening occurs for many reasons.   Much of the time it happens because it's 'your time to awaken', but it can also be triggered by other factors such as prolonged stress, anxiety, midlife crisis, or overwhelm.  Spiritual awakening can also be a result of emotional or physical trauma, illness or disease, surgery, shocking news, major accidents, a threat to our own life or even that of our family members.

If we experience any sort of paranormal occurrence, or something happens that we simply cannot comprehend or explain away, we can go on to have a spiritual awakening.   Awakening is the first step on your guided path towards fully remembering yourself as a spiritual being and understanding your life purpose.   Spiritual awakening helps us shed our old self in order to make way for our 'true' self, helping us to see who we really are and what is really true.

 Your own Spiritual Awakening Experience

There is nothing sequential about a spiritual awakening, nor is there a time limit.  This means that you may find yourself moving back and forth between any stage at any given time, which can make the journey feel that much longer.  Just know that everything is unfolding for you as it should.  Your own awakening journey is unique, and I offer spiritual awakening guidance and chat sessions so that your own experience can be discussed in more detail.

Psychic Awakening

Not to be confused with a Spiritual Awakening, but often part of the process, this has more to do with the activation of the pineal gland, which is a tiny gland located at the centre of the brain.  Known as the third eye, the pineal gland once activated, opens a gateway that connects us to other spiritual dimensions outside of our own.   Being intuitively or psychically gifted does not make us more awakened or more spiritual then another. 

We are all gifted, but at different levels depending on where we are on our journey. Whats important is your relationship with your gifts and your acceptance of them.   Even if you have not started on your spiritual awakening journey, your psychic journey may still be unfolding.  The onset of a spiritual awakening will basically accelerate these gifts at a much faster rate then if they were to unfold on their own. 

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Disclaimer -  As a non-medical practitioner, I do not diagnose, treat or cure any mental/physical illness or disease or replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care professional. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is an exploration of the mind-body-spirit, within the field of the techniques in which I'm qualified and the spiritual experience and opinions I hold.