Signs you are Awakening

What you might experience

The term spiritual awakening might be new to you so let me tell you a bit about it.  To start with, a spiritual awakening is a very personal experience and is different for each individual. The transition is well known for the intense emotional and physical symptoms that it brings with it.

   What you might be thinking 

  • You have a feeling that something has changed inside you.

  • You are ready to look at life events, good and bad, in more detail. 

  • Awareness of negative behaviour patterns and habits. 

  • Wanting to shed the old life and embrace the new.  

  • Seeking out new friends and relationships (your soul group) or others who are

       vibrating at the same level as you. 


   Emotional signs  

  • Heightened sensitivity.

  • Viewing yourself as different.

  • Feelings of being lost, unhappy, loss of purpose in life.

  • Tearful, crying at the drop of a hat. 

  • Intense up and down emotions, feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster.

  • Deep sense of inner sadness or loss that feels like it’s not really your own.

  • Unexplained thoughts of impending doom.

   Anxiety (Spiritual anxiety) 

  • Panic attacks, feelings of fear, worry, paranoia.  

  • Feeling out of control, nervous, or unsettled.

  • Constant mind chatter and internal noise.

  • Overthinking or over analysing irrelevant or simple situations.

  • A general sense things are “not okay”.


   Hurt experience

  • Feeling hurt by another’s words, actions, non-actions.

  • Finding yourself re-telling events and experiences of being hurt.

  • Wanting to acknowledge or validated that you were hurt, abused or victimised.

   Needing to be alone or disappear:

  • Feeling like no one resonates with you or your beliefs, feelings.

  • Avoidance of group gatherings or crowds.

  • Long periods of alone time watching box sets or films.

  • Feeling drained of energy, easier to be alone verses around others.


   Separated and disconnected

  • You don’t react the same to gossip or drama the way you use to. 

  • You prefer to remain a bystander or observer around conflicts or situations .

  • Feeling like you are losing all your friends and family.

  • Speaking your truth, which causes problems with others.

  • Understanding you have no obligations to 'spend time' with, or be friends with

  • people or even family members.

The beginning of awakening is known as The Dark Night of the Soul.  Things can get pretty intense and overwhelming during this time, and we can feel the worst we have ever felt.  We have feelings of general confusion, isolation, meaninglessness, alienation and symptoms that are similar to that of depression.  We feel empty inside, disconnected from family and friends, as if nothing makes sense any more, and there seems to be no purpose to anything.

​   Spiritual / Psychic Awakening

  • An increase and awareness of coincidences and life synchronicities. 

  • Being 'tuned in' and enhanced intuitive, psychic abilities. 

  • Experiencing spiritual or unexplained occurrences. 

  • Experiencing psychic, mediumship gifts - feeling, knowing, seeing or hearing spirit.

  • Wanting to meditate, connect with your higher self or connect with spirit. 

  • A desire to know more and expand your knowledge and wisdom. 

  • Feeling you are not alone, and feeling more connected to nature, planet, animals and the universe. 

  • Wanting to experience beauty and natural wonders. 

  • Letting go of fear, worry or judgement of yourself or others. 

  • No longer interested in any forms of conflict, anger or negativity. 

  • Feelings of euphoria and happiness.

  • Experiencing pre-cognitive messages that are then coming into reality​.

  • Feeling dream-state experiences in wake-time situations.

  • Paranormal or psychic experiences like shadows, shapeshifters, shadow figures, orbs, energy. 

  • Feelings of being pressed to your bed or not able to move or breathe while waking or falling asleep.

  • Catching sparkles, flashes, or light or colour in your peripheral vision.


   Physical Signs 

  • Ringing in the ears.  

  • Headache, head pressure. 

  • Restlessness. 

  • Changes in diet and wanting to look after your body. 

  • Insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns.

  • Sleep paralysis, astral projection, lucid dreaming.

  • Fluctuating energy levels, tiredness and fatigue. 

  • Picking up physical or emotional energy from others. 

  • Feeling drained, extreme fatigue.

  • Body aches, painful joints, pressure and swelling.

  • Body or eyes losing balance or focus.

  • Experiencing tiny waves of nausea or dizziness.

  • Heightened awareness of your senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell.


Intuitive gifts and psychic abilities are inherent in all of us and are an important part of our human blueprint.  They are a connection to spirit and a tool to help us receive guidance and support from our higher self while in human form.   As children, we use it, accept it, and trust it, without even knowing what it is, so we are naturally a lot closer to spirit and our higher self at that age.  As we get older and become influenced by society, life lessons, experiences and perceptions, we are ‘grown out’ of this innate and natural ability to the point where we forget we ever had it in the first place.   In adult life, we tend to overlook our souls own natural abilities. 

Need some guidance? 


Disclaimer -  As a non-medical practitioner, I do not diagnose, treat or cure any mental/physical illness or disease or replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care professional. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is an exploration of the mind-body-spirit, within the field of the techniques in which I'm qualified and the spiritual experience and opinions I hold.