What is a Spiritual Awakening and why?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A Spiritual Awakening in its most simplistic term, is a shift of your perspective and view of yourself and all you have come to know.  It is a time when your soul-self takes a powerful leap towards expanded consciousness. When you start to experiences the spiritual awakening process fully, you realise that your own learnings, beliefs, thoughts and fears, along with what you perceived as being 'true', about yourself and the physical world, are not what you thought.  Think of it as though you have been walking through life in the dark, and someone suddenly turns the light on!  To say spiritual awakening as a way of describing this inner shift in some ways cannot do it justice, simply because the experience for so many, is a very subjective, profound and life changing transition that cannot be described in its full context. When you wake up on a spiritual and emotional level, it feels like you have been initiated into a unique and special club of elevated souls, who know the real truth of reality, and a deep knowing that there’s so much more to life then meets the eye.

Why do we experience a Spiritual Awakening?

We are a spiritual soul in human form, we are here to experience certain life lessons and to grow and learn.  Our goal is to evolve spiritually, emotionally and conscientiously while we are on the physical plane, in order to reach a higher vibration when we return home to spirit.  Do not think that we only learn and grow while we are in human form, because there is much learning and growing to do while in spirit also! We are experiencing a learning continuum.  The transition has a lot to do with letting go and shedding your old self and beliefs and moving towards to a higher understanding of who you are on a deeper conscious level.  In the words of Deepak Chopra, your perspective is changing and you no longer see the world and yourself through false limitations. You are beginning to see the bigger picture.  The meaning of a spiritual awakening is unique to each individual, and this is the same for the many emotional, mental and psychical symptoms that come with it.

By there nature, any spiritual experience can be hard to grasp or comprehend and will defy any kind of logic.  Much of what you experience during your awakening cannot be put into words or explained in a way that another person can relate to.  Your aware of an intense inner feeling that something is shifting within you, and this can only be lived through day by day.  When you go through a spiritual awakening, it can be hard for you to understand, and for others trying to understand you it can be very hard indeed!  This is where I come in and where I can help you.  It's good to have someone to talk to.  Think of me as your earthly spirit guide, supporting you on this side, while your own ascended guides and helpers support you from the other side. 

Your own personal Journey 

A spiritual awakening is a very personal process and can cause much anxiety.  The transition can be deeply challenging, because it tugs at your conscious mind and rocks the foundations that have been the base of your life up to that point.  These foundations underpin your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and are at the core of how you experience life, how you react and interact with others, as well as your behaviour patterns. They are everything you have come to know and learn through your life experiences. Hardly surprising then, that a spiritual awakening can be so overwhelming and confusing.  A spiritual awakening is a state of being and a transition that has to be experienced personally, if it is to be fully understood. It is however, a very exiting time because your soul has pre-planned this powerful transition to higher consciousness and has already decided that now is your time for you to transform and to 'level up' on your life journey.  When this happens, you experience an advanced shift in consciousness and an expanded perspective of yourself, your life and reality. 

You feel a 'readiness' and a desire to let go of your emotional baggage, drop your stories and release negative thoughts and beliefs.  These happenings may be a surprise to you, but for your soul it is no surprise at all.  It is a transition that will bring positive change in the way you journey forward in the world.  This is a time to be kind to yourself, trust your mind-body and soul and allow the process to unfold as it is planned. Supporting yourself on an emotional, mental and physical level will help you through the transition, until such a time that your symptoms ease off and you come into alignment. 

Spiritual Awakening... An Emotional Roller Coaster

If you have had a troubled life, experienced pain, suffering or trauma, you may be finding that memories of life events or situations are coming into your conscious mind more and more.  If these memories have not been released or dealt with, they may re trigger the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that you had at the time, and still have to this day.   Some of these events could also have occurred during a past life, though you may not be aware of this because we experience an 'amnesia' prior to beginning a new physical human experience.  You know you have certain emotional blocks, triggers or 'themes' but you cannot pin point why or where they came from.  Where key times or memories from your current life have been stored away in your subconscious mind like old data, your higher self may now be nudging you to re-evaluate them in a way that allows you to move past them and see things differently.  This is so that you are able to learn from the event, situation or person in some way, as part of your chosen pre life plan.

Your higher self wants you to understand a positive learning from all the events (good, bad, sad, happy) in your life so that you raise your spiritual - emotional vibration in order for your soul to evolve to the next level.  Tuning into your Soul-self (intuition) is the first step towards this transition to higher consciousness.  Tapping into your own 'knowing' will also support you in letting go of old behaviour patterns, as you come to realise that they are no longer serving you .

Spiritual awakenings are unique and have a different meaning to each individual, but there are many signs and symptoms that are common to all of us.

Mental-Emotional Symptoms: You have a feeling that something has changed inside you. Willingness to accept who you truly are and to finally be your authentic self.  You are ready to look at life events, good and bad, in more detail.  You feel ready for a big change.  Awareness of negative behaviour patterns and habits.  Wanting to shed the old life and embrace the new.  Seeking out new friends and relationships (your soul group) or others who are vibrating at the same level as you. Wanting more 'alone' time. A desire for all things authentic. Heightened sensitivity, empathy, sadness and compassion for everything and everyone. Tearful, crying easily.  Wanting to make a difference in the world.  Wanting a deeper meaning to life.  Physical creativity in response to creative ideas and the desire to be creative in some way.

Physical Symptoms: Hypersensitivity - enhanced five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.  Intense up and down emotions, anxiety (spiritual anxiety) panic attacks, depression.  Feeling overwhelmed and confused.  Headache, head pressure, restlessness.  Changes in diet and wanting to look after your body. Insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns. Fluctuating energy levels, tiredness and fatigue. Headaches. Picking up physical or emotional energy from others. Feeling drained.

Spiritual Symptoms: An increase and awareness of coincidences and life synchronicities.  Being 'tuned in' and enhanced intuitive, psychic abilities. Experiencing spiritual or unexplained occurrences.  Wanting to meditate, connect with your higher self or connect with spirit.  A desire to know more and expand your knowledge and wisdom.  Feeling that you are not alone and feeling more connected to nature, the planet, animals and the universe.  Wanting to experience beauty and natural wonders.  Letting go of fear, worry or judgement of yourself or others.  No longer interested in any forms of conflict, anger or negativity.  Feelings of euphoria and happiness.

Trusting your own Soul-Self

Navigating your way through this transition can be confusing and overwhelming, as every aspect of your past, present and future wants to be analysed, and every thought, feeling and emotion that you have, or have ever had, wants to come to the surface and be heard.  Perhaps you have been happy with how your life has been up to now or you have been resigned to the fact that this is it, something is telling you that there is a lot more to why you are here in human form and it is urging you to find out.  This is your soul-self wanting to grow and evolve to a higher level of consciousness. 

Still not sure what is happening to you?

If you believe you may be going through a spiritual awakening or you are not sure what is happening to you or how you feel, tuning into your own knowing and inner wisdom, of which we are all gifted, will enable you to gain a better understanding of your symptoms.  When you begin to see yourself from the perspective of the spirit within it will help you to understand the bigger picture of who you are and why you are here. It is the very same soul-self connection that you are afraid of that, if given the opportunity, will provide you with the intuitive answers and solutions you require.  You need only ask. 

Your higher self is always nudging you to towards a resolution of the conflicts that you have experienced in your life so that you can find a learning, move past them and evolve.  As spirits having a human experience, this is what we are all here to do, and that includes you!

Love and light,



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