Twin Flames

There is often a bit of confusion when it comes to the topic of twin flames, mostly to do with the notion that they are the same as a soul mate. The two are in fact very different. Here is a basic explanation of what's what.

Soul Groups and Soul mates

We are all part of a soul group. Soul groups are a collective group, of which we belong, and who we share time with, both in spirit and across many physical lifetimes. The purpose of a soul group is to work together to fulfil agreed 'acting roles' in each of our lives, and to support our personal and spiritual growth.

As a soul group, you will all decide between you, what relationships you will take on as a collective. This might be mum, dad, brother, friend, partner, child, work colleague, etc. A factor of this agreement includes what each member of the group wants to experience or what life lessons they wish to have, in order to evolve. There is a poem that begins "people come into our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime" and this describes the arrangement beautifully. No amount of time is to long or to short, it is all relevant, even if at the time you do not understand it.

A soul mate, is a separate soul, with which you have a strong connection and attachment over many lifetimes. We often think of a soul mate as being the one we want to come into our life in terms of a romantic relationship sense. They are the ones we long for and wait for, so that we can one day say "I have found my soul mate".

However, Just because they are your lover, companion or partner in this life, does not mean they have always played that role. Both of you would have played other roles in previous lives together, and in some cases, one or both of you may have skipped a life or two in order to do different things. What a soul mate is then, is a member of your friendship group, your soul group, and you are both individual souls within that group.

Our biggest learnings often come from the most painful situations or challenges. Because we are part of a soul group we will encounter many soul mates across one lifetime, all of whom have a role to play in our life, as we do in theirs. As part of this planned agreement, we arrive into our life with an amnesia in relation to what we are here to experience and the plans we have made. Remembering or knowing would defeat the object of why we are here. That being said, we do during later life, or at some stage, begin to question our existence, and start to re-connect (spiritual awakening) with our higher selves and our purpose.

Twin Flames - Two halves of the same soul

Twin flames or 'twin souls' as they are sometimes called, are very different to that of a soul mate. They are one soul divided, traditionally becoming the male and female counterpart of that one soul. In some cases, twin flames can form other relationships such as mother and child or of the same gender. Being two incarnations of the same consciousness, they share an even greater karmic bond and connection then a soul mate connection. They choose to incarnate at the same time, however, this does not always mean that they both choose to be in the physical realm at the same time. Sometimes twin flames will stay apart in order to experience certain lessons, but this is always for the highest good of both parties.

As an example, I am blessed to sit with the most amazing female trance medium, who's male spirit guide speaks through her. The spirit guide is the male counterpart and the medium is the female counterpart of one soul. They are as he explained to me, twin flames, who have re-connected, he from the realms of spirit and she as a medium, in order to work together as one.

They have shared many life times together and their twin flame bond is one of total unconditional love and completion that is felt on both sides. We can move through life without meeting our twin flame, if at all, but when we do, the 'knowing' or the feelings will be clear as they will be so much stronger then that of any previous soul mate relationships.

Twin flames are evolved beings of light. The time to re-connect with each other is established while in the spirit realm and prior to incarnation on earth. Both counterparts receive guidance and support to work out the time when they will first meet and how it will happen. This will not be apparent to either though until it takes place. For the spirit guide I mentioned above however, this was not the case, as remaining in spirit, his agreement to become a spirit guide allowed him this knowledge in advance.

So you see, soul mates and twin flames are very different! I hope my musings have helped you shed some light on the topic and you have found it interesting.

Love and light,

Sharon Clark

Spiritual Guru

Energy Psychologist

Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Helping you Live a Soul Guided Life

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