To grow and expand

The very nature of a spiritual awakening is to help us grow and expand in happiness, love, and fulfilment. However, trying to navigate the realities of everyday stress, our awareness tends to contract into a defensive posture of anxiety, fear, and fatigue. We can actively support our awakening, through inner work, self-awareness practices, meditation, staying present, in any way that works best for us, and that help us release any accumulated stress that weighs us down.

This helps make room for and allows us to expand into our natural states of love, joy, and creativity. As children, this is the natural state we are in, but as we get older and become influenced by society, life lessons, experiences and perceptions, we are ‘grown out’ of this innate and natural state of being.

Sharon Clark

Spiritual Awakening Facilitator.

Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner & Medium


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