The fear of being scared

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

No matter how courageous, strong, or stoic we try to be, there will always be times when we are scared.

Our life journey is designed for us to experience a combination of highs and lows and twists and turns. Even those who enjoy the thrills of being on a roller coaster, still experience that rush of fear when they descend into a deep drop before coming back up again. This is of course part of the whole experience of the ride. But rarely do we find ourselves riding this ride alone. There are always others on the ride, all having a similar experience.

During these times on your life journey, it is comforting to know that just like riding the roller coaster, you are not alone. No matter how courageous, strong, or stoic we try to be, there will always be times when we are scared.

Many of our fears are survival based and are attached to our physical safety, especially if we are dealing with health issues, or finding our home life difficult, or have been displaced from our home or family. If we are struggling financially, we have lost our job, this causes much fear and worry about how we will survive and where our next penny is coming from. Even if we have no concerns about our own health, we might be fearing the loss of a loved one who is sick or needs care. As time passes, if we are on our own, we might begin to fear the realisation that we may never find that special someone, that soul mate, to experience love and life with.

From as early as childhood, we may be scared to start at a new school, or as a teenager starting a new job, leaving home, starting a new life somewhere, or even just meeting new people. We all experience our own subjective fears and they are entirely true and real for us. All feelings and emotions are important and have a role to play, so we need NOT be ashamed or embarrassed if we find ourselves afraid.

Do take comfort in the fact that everyone feels scared sometimes, and it is perfectly OK! The simple shift of perspective, that it is ok to have these fears, is enough to release some stress and make us feel better. We know that we will have to find solutions or resolve certain issues before we find complete peace of mind, but in the meantime, we can give ourselves permission to know that life can indeed be scary sometimes, and that letting go of the fear of being scared helps us navigate our way through. Acknowledging that is ok to be scared also makes it a lot easier to share our fears with those around us.

If we are able to share our fears and worries with others we reduce their intensity and the power they hold over us. Processed and released emotions are much less overwhelming when shared because we do not allow them to build up inside us, making us more fearful, and even causing us to become physically and mentally unwell.

So, seek out a life roller coaster buddy to share your ups and downs with, and remember that you are not alone.

Wishing you love and light on your human journey.

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