The Burden of Trapped Emotions

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Woman holding on to trapped emotions

What are trapped emotions? Well, to put it simply, trapped emotions are feelings that become lodged inside of you as a result of an intense emotional situation or experience.  These emotions stay with you, when really they should only pass through you, and leave you when they are no longer needed.  If negative emotions cannot be processed, they can cause more emotional difficulties and may lead to stress, self-sabotage, or mental and physical issues.  Of course no one wants this for themselves, but in truth, it’s often easier and 'feels less painful' to suppress a strong emotion rather than to express it in a healthy way.

Any trapped emotions, even ones you are not aware of, take up space in your body’s energy field.  You might suspect that you are holding on to unprocessed emotions because you feel mentally and emotionally off balance and struggle to find inner happiness, joy or peace in your life, and lack harmony or contentment in your relationships with other people. Living with a heavy emotional burden has a negative impact on your body, mind, soul and spirit, because they are all connected.

Not being able to release this negativity can make it difficult to gain a rational perspective of your world and prevents you from being able to access your own inner guidance, your intuition, and your soul’s true potential. Have you noticed that in order to have your wants and desires, you have to work a lot harder than others? It's hard to be positive or feel deserving when you are tormented by intense emotions such as anger, fear, insecurity, and unworthiness. On a conscious level, you choose not to feel difficult emotions, but they rise easily and the idea of facing them is way to painful.

As I mentioned before, it’s easier to keep them buried inside.

Despite keeping them buried, your emotions can still find a way to remind you they are there. They can creep into your dreams and turn them into nightmares, they can plague you with stress and anxiety, and create bad habits, behaviour, phobias, restlessness, body pain, poor mental focus, illness and disease. Negative emotions are often the root cause of self-sabotage. If you are experiencing difficulties in any area of your life: health, career, relationships, and finances, on a subconscious level, you can bet that trapped emotions are probably something to do with it.

Hi, my name is Sharon Clark, and I'm an Energy Psychology Practitioner, Psychospiritual Therapist & Emotional Wellness Coach.

I help Women Process and Release Emotions in a Safe, Conscious and Effective Way.

Wishing you Love and Light.

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