Keeping a Journal for Spirit and You

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

As much as I love to hear from spirit, I am never 'not surprised' when they speak to me first thing on a Sunday morning. They still catch me of guard, but the transitional state from sleep to wakefulness is often the perfect time for them to connect.

Thankfully, at my request, they wait until morning now rather then keeping me awake all night, and we have an agreement that my sleep is important! However, when psychic abilities kick in as part of a spiritual awakening, its so important to make sure you keep a spirit journal with times, dates and details of what you heard, saw, felt, in case its relevant in the future and also because its nice not to forget what took place.

You may think you will surely remember such an amazing experience, but when they start to happen more frequently, you will be thankful that you made some notes.

This morning I had a beautiful, crystal clear hello from a child, who then went on to show me some images and a song (I had to research it ) that has stayed with me all through the morning. As she had such a lovely energy, how could I grumble about having to sit up and journal at 8am on a Sunday morning, without so much as a cup of coffee first... I am truly blessed by her visit.

Love and light.. xx


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