Healing Spiritual Lack

A spiritual awakening offers us many opportunities to heal and grow. One thing it offers is the opportunity to restore and heal spiritual lack.

What is spiritual lack? well, it is is the feeling of being empty inside, of life not having a sense of purpose or meaning. These feelings are not the soul or spirit itself that is lacking or has lost purpose, it is in fact the mind’s interpretation of our inner self state, that brings about intense feelings of fear, dread, and loneliness.

When a spiritual awakening occurs, we are able to explore these feelings and work towards healing this lack, by learning to shift away from our ego-centered identities.

When we are able to live more in the present moment, our awareness and our spirit naturally heals the conditioned mind and shows itself as inherently valuable, filled with purpose, and connected to everyone and everything.

Sharon Clark

Spiritual Awakening Facilitator.

Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner & Medium



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