Free the pages of your soul.

Updated: May 19, 2020

Picture if you will, your current self going on a spiritual journey inside your heart and soul. A journey where you connect with those parts of yourself that you have ignored, rejected, disowned, and neglected. Picture then, the feeling of being held, acknowledged, comforted and soothed, as you invite feelings, thoughts and emotions you have kept inside, to free themselves from your body and soul.

Keeping things hidden can be exhausting and harmful, so imagine having the courage to let the tears flow, and the grief, guilt, anger, regret or shame to be released. How would it feel to be free from the pains of the past, and feel the acceptance of warmth and healing in it's place. Such relief, when you invite those wounded parts of yourself out of the shadows, and except them as part of your soul-self, in a way that lets them feel deeply heard, felt, excepted and loved. Imagine bathing in a relaxed state of forgiveness, oneness and total self-acceptance.

When your spiritual awakening journey begins, it offers the opportunity for you to shed your old self and start over. An awakening begins for these very reasons, to help you explore the soul pages of your past and all that comes with it, and to help you forge new chapters based on truth and unconditional love.

I am passionate about helping people embrace and navigate their spiritual awakening journey. It is a privilege and a joy, to offer a safe space for awakening souls, as they journey into themselves, rediscover who they are, and engage in the transformation to higher consciousness, and to becoming happier and freer version of themselves.

If you would like to discuss your own spiritual awakening, you can

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Sharon Clark

Spiritual Awakening Facilitator

Energy Psychologist

Psychospiritual Guide & Medium

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