Building Emotional Resilience

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

The art of building emotional resilience can be challenging, but if you can bring it into your life, you will find it easier to cope with the events life throws at you, bounce back from emotional setbacks and regulate your stress levels.

Resilience develops organically over time

Resilience builds over time as a result of, and in response to difficult situations or emotional conflict, however, it is also a valuable self gift that can be learnt by everyone.

Being emotionally resilient does not make you invincible, and those who practice this skill still face the same issues and problems that other people deal with, but they have the emotional intelligence to persevere in the face of challenges rather than giving in. Emotional Resilience helps to balance any negative feelings, such as worry, anxiety, fear or anger, by bringing in an equal measure of positive experiences and emotions.

This also helps you to respond differently to a perceived negative experience by allowing you to view it from a more positive perspective. The more you have these positive experiences and emotions, be they organic or learnt, the more you will enhance your own emotional resources, rather than draining yourself and your energy. This is what helps you to build your emotional resilience.

Becoming Emotionally Resilient

Building emotional resilience takes commitment and effort, but it is so worth it, not just as a priceless investment in your future wellbeing, but also for the protection of your mental, physical and spiritual health. Emotional resilience supports you in managing stress, maintaining emotional balance, inviting supportive relationships in your inner and outer worlds, and creating positive boundaries between home and work life. There are many techniques you can learn that will support you in bringing emotional resilience into your life, such as mindfulness, energy psychology techniques, thinking skills and reflective practices. You can find one that works best for you.

Building tools and techniques

There are many techniques that involve alternative strategies to help you manage any emotional or behavioural problems, by simply challenging the way in which you think about certain situations. Changing your 'default' pattern of negative thinking can help you regulate your emotions, improve self-confidence and ultimately build emotional resilience.

Walk, don't run

Building and maintaining emotional resilience is an ongoing journey and will not be without it's challenges.  You will probably still experience times when you feel that you are not coping as well as you should, and other days you feel you have made no progress at all, but as you continue to evolve, these will become less and less, as you begin to experience more and more days when you feel resilient and able to navigate your way through new life challenges.

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