A spiritual spin on midlife crisis

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

There is a time in life, somewhere between early 40's and late 50's, where some women experience a profound life shift that brings with it a collective of intense emotional, mental and psychical symptoms. What I am referring to of course is a 'midlife crisis', and a time when some women face a crisis of self-identity, self-worth and a loss of purpose in life. The term originated back in the 1960's because it seemed that it often occurred in women who were middle aged.

Until recently, it has often been suggested as the reason behind many signs, symptoms or emotional upset being experienced by a women who is 'at that age', especially if no other reason, or alternative can be found, it surely must just be a midlife crisis. Having a midlife crisis seems inevitable at some point and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for many women. When I say until recently, it is because more and more people are evolving and expanding on a spiritual and conscious level. They are no longer willing to go along with social conditioning and are breaking away from the traditional, western view of why we are having a human experience, in favour of a more meaningful and spiritual reasoning. This is true for women reaching middle age. So!, are you experiencing a mid-life crisis? or, are you actually going through the transition of a spiritual awakening? I can tell you that the two are very similar in nature and in experience.

The Spiritual Awakening Journey

Everyone’s spiritual awakening is unique. For many (not for me though) it is a slow transition and a gradual realisation that we are so much more then just the psychical and that our body is the vehicle from which we are able to have our chosen human experiences. For others, the transition can be sudden, due to an emotional life event, good or bad, that triggers an intense response (dark night of the soul) that makes them question life itself and puts them on a path to their own spiritual awakening. This transition can happen at any time in our life, for one reason or another, but is very common in later life. This is because the first half of our life to devoted to achieving goals and milestones such as learning, relationships, career, travel and raising a family.  The soul reserves the awakening experience for when the ego has achieved its social, material and physical life contracts. Prior to middle age, there is little awareness of the spiritual or psychic side of us, nor is there much contact with our soul and its purpose. But our soul, our 'higher self' has always been with us.

Although the soul has always know about this spiritual transition, to us as humans, it is an unplanned event that propels us towards a completely new life, unlike anything we have experienced before. We are to be transformed on an emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual level. When we start the spiritual awakening journey, we begin to separate from the constraints of our own ego.  The ego is the 'I' and the sense of self we have known for the first half of our life.  There is an inner shift that takes place, where the ego lets go of its grip, to allow for the higher self, or the 'soul self' to take its rightful place.  As humans we have an acquired mind, a set of unconscious programs, behaviour patterns and social conditioning, which we have learnt from birth. Our spiritual awakening signals a return to our true spirit and a connection to something bigger then ourselves. 

Your Ego and your Soul

Just like a midlife crisis, the signs and transition of spiritual awakening is an internal process, but it is one that transcends across all levels, the mind, heart, body, soul and spirit, rather than the ego, which up to that point has played a main role in your life experiences. A spiritual awakening signals It is the time for your soul to come forward, but know this, your ego will not share the spotlight with your soul easily! This tug of war between your ego and soul is what makes the awakening transition so intense. No surprise then that one questions whether a spiritual awakening is in fact a midlife crisis, or whether one is dealing with an emotional and mental breakdown. Your ego is working hard here, holding you back, creating fear and mistrust in your own intuitive knowing, keeping your higher self at arms length, and trying to convince you that there is nothing more for you outside of your physical self and the physical dimension you live in. I love the quote by Marianne Williamson:

Ego says "once everything falls into place, I will feel peace", Spirit says, "find your peace, and then everything will fall into place".

Midlife Crisis as an Identity

The process of spiritual awakening creates many profound changes to occur in all aspects of our life and the depth of these changes are somewhat governed by our past life experiences, our beliefs about ourselves, our world and our behaviour patterns up to that point. The transition trickles into every corner and effects every area of life: home, family, relationships, career, friends, emotional, mental, physical changes. In a bid to move forward, negative memories or past trauma comes to the surface and we remember things we would rather not. Hardly surprising that so many women fear the worst and assume the role of the midlife crisis label, which then just creates more feelings of low self-worth, low self-confidence and a loss of meaning in life.

Putting a Spiritual spin on Midlife Crisis

Understanding midlife crisis as being that of a spirit awakening can help us to embrace the process and its powerful push to lead us into the next stage of our life. This is a transition that sees us saying goodbye to our old self, and inviting our new, authentic self to step forward. The more we are able to view midlife crisis as a spiritual awakening invitation for our consciousness to expand, and for our soul to grow, the easier it will be to travel through it, rather then resist the fear of the unknown in favour of staying in our comfort zone. To be able to take full advantage of such a timely transformation we need to be willing to explore what is taking place within, in order to see the beautiful opportunities that are opening up to us.

It is important to understand that along the way, your soul will guide you with purpose and will push you beyond where you might want to go, through self exploration of unconscious beliefs, behaviour patterns and unresolved issues or trauma. By revisiting key points of your life up to that point, the most profound learnings will be achieved in order to promote conscious and spiritual growth.

At the time of middle age, our life journey as we know it comes to an end and we naturally experience a 'rebirth'. Less and less do we feel the need to answer to others, to be bound by our old conditioning, conform to the ways of society, or feel the need to be anything other then our true authentic selves. Instead, we are moving into a time of great learning and discovery of the unique spiritual human beings we are and have always been.

Wishing you Love and Light on your Awakening Journey. x


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