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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

As many will know, all perception is based on how the brain is wired from our experiences in the past. If you just had an internal experience in which you saw a profound mystical being, witnessed a glow, or a light around everything, felt the wholeness, oneness and interconnectedness of everything and everyone, or experienced a completely different time and space, when you open your eyes after the experience, your spectrum of reality in your waking state will be broadened.

That's because the inner experience changed your brain and now your neurologically wired to perceive a greater expression of reality. This is how you begin to change who you are from the inside out. This is how you alter your experience of the three-dimensional world of matter.

Evolution. on both an individual and species level, is a slow process. You have the experience, you get hurt, you learn the lesson, you grow a little bit. Then you have some more pain, you get the next lesson, you move on to the next challenge, you succeed and achieve goals, you set more goals, you grown again, and the cycle continues. It's a slow process because your not receiving much new information from your outer environment.

But once you have these unknown internal experiences that are more real then anything in your external world, you can never again see reality in the same manner because the experience changes you so profoundly. You receive a conscious upgrade or software update. If all of reality you perceive is based on experiences, and you've just had an inter-dimensional experience, your brain is now going to be able to perceive what has always existed, but you have never before had the brain circuitry to perceive.

Your now tuning into a greater spectrum of information, where all of a sudden, everything looks and feels different then it did when you saw it simply as matter, and your relationship with it changes. This is how the mystics and masters made their way, by tuning into their inner world an thus broadening their perception of the nature of reality in their outer world.

- Dr Joe Dispenza.

Sharon Clark

Spiritual Awakening Facilitator.

Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner and Medium.



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