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1. I am unsure if I am having a Spiritual Awakening, can you help?

Yes! Many people do not know exactly what it is they are experiencing, but they know there is an 'internal shift' happening on an emotional and energetic level.  I offer relaxed advice and guidance sessions that help you to clarify what may or may not be going on for you and if you may or may not be experiencing a spiritual awakening.


2. Does it matter if I don’t believe in this ‘woo woo’ stuff or that I am skeptical?

Nope!  The techniques I use such as EFT are not placebo tools, it does not matter that you do not believe in them, and it does not matter if you have little experience of holistic practices or spiritual concepts or ideas.  What is of key importance is that YOU are aware that you feel differently somehow and that you feel ready and willing to take responsibility for your own emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.  


3. Will you fix my spiritual awakening symptoms?

No, basically because you do not need to be fixed!.  I will guide and support you to manage and greatly reduce your emotional or physical symptoms, in a fun and achievable way.


4. Will you heal me?

No, I am not a medical doctor, or a “healer” I am an energy psychologist, multi-disciplined practitioner, psychospiritual teacher and Medium.  My role is to facilitate, guide and empower you towards a better place, by helping you process and release emotional energy, thoughts and feelings.  This is to support your mental and spiritual wellbeing and help you on your journey through life.


5. Will this work for anyone?

Yes, depending on what issues you are dealing with.  I am a facilitator of excellent psychological tools, however, much of the outcome is attached to your own willingness to awaken, heal and move forward, so you will have to work as well.  Change is much easier than you think and the first step is that you have realised you are experiencing a profound and exiting change and are willing to work with someone to transition through it.  It is not enough that you just want to change, you have to do something about it.


6. How many sessions might I need?

Everyone is different, unfortunately there is no specific amount of sessions for you personally.  Sessions vary and can be individual or ongoing, depending on your needs and goals.  Together we will work out what is best for you, the client. Compared to conventional methods the tools I use have a much gentler and quicker process.

7. Will you take my emotions away from me?

I will not take anything away from you, we work together and then I can teach you tools to use when you are on your own.  If emotions do come to the surface, which we kind of need to happen in order to heal them, we can address them together in a safe environment.  This helps greatly in your spiritual awakening process.

8. What will happen during my session?

You will be asked some simple questions following on from our initial consultation and we will discuss what your ultimate goal is.  At times you will be asked how you feel and to occasionally do silly things like pretend that thoughts, feelings or emotions or physical symptoms have a colour, a shape, or a texture.  I will explain everything before hand to make it as comfortable, easy and fun for you as possible.  Sometimes between sessions, I will invite you to complete various self help activities, such as watching videos, keeping notes, going for walks etc. 

9. My current emotions and issues are intense. Can you help?

Fantastic!  The tools I am qualified to use often work where nothing else will.

10. I have many stress factors & symptoms, can you help with them all at the same time?

It depends, during our initial 20 minute consultation we can agree specifically what work is to be done and how far that will take you.  Depending on specifics, they may or may not be connected.  With the techniques I use there can be a generalisation effect, so focusing of one major issue or stressor often resolves others too.  


11. My life has always been troublesome, will I need many sessions?

Many emotional or physical issues we hold within us stem from childhood, even if they have only appeared in recent years, so yes, if they are being triggered in your life currently, you may have to be open to looking at not just your mind, but the connection between your environment, your social habits and your spirit to change all of them. 


12. Will I have to relive the stress, trauma or pain of past events or issues?

Not normally, it is my aim to make this as gentle as possible for you, this is why I have chosen the specific techniques that I use.  Spiritual awakenings often bring issues up to the surface to be addressed and healed.  If we have to go to a particular event that caused you suffering, it will be quick and very gentle and will bring you to greater relief, but it is rare that we will have to do this.  Please know that I only do this if it is absolutely necessary to gain maximum relief and benefit to you the client.  The techniques I use are NOT “talk therapies” and as such do not follow the same principles.

13. What should I expect from my free 20 minute consultation with you?

It will be an opportunity for us both see if we are a good match, to assess the suitability of my services for you at this time, and to ensure that you trust, and are comfortable working with me.  We will discuss what needs to be addressed and we will go through strategies to be used and I will answer all your questions. 

14. How long will a session last?

Depending again on what is the nature of the issue and what sessions meet your needs it will be 1 hour or 90 minutes long.  


15. What if I have to cancel a booking?

For online reservations for 1-1 sessions, please remember: you can cancel online or by phone up to 1 day before the session start time.  If you book a 1-1 session and either do not show, your reservation will be lost and your account will be charged.