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Chakra EFT - Course info

Woman doing EFT on the karate chop point

EFT Process &
Tapping Points

I will teach you the principles of EFT, the main EFT Tapping points, the basic recipe, along with an understanding of the bodies energy systems.  


We will gently tap together while focusing on a small issue, and this will help you to embed the process, so you can start using it right away,  We will also identify the best tapping point to use as your 'go to tapping point' during times of stress or worry.

 Chakra Points &

Mind-Body Themes

We will take a deep dive into each of the seven Chakras, looking at how they work individually and how they work together.  


We will explore the emotional themes that are specific to each Chakra, and how they may effect the physical body. If you wish, I will offer a Metaphysical & Psychospiritual perspective of a specific mind-body symptom you may wish to address, along with it's corresponding Chakra. 

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Chakra EFT

Tapping Affirmations

I will create a bespoke set of Chakra affirmations to be used with the EFT Tapping process or on their own.


These powerful statements will send healing energy to help balance each Chakra and its corresponding organs. Affirmations are known to energetically rewrite the negative patterns in your subconscious mind and have a positive impact on every aspect of your life.