Spiritually Inspired Support on your Awakening Journey

Welcome.  I offer specialist guidance to the consciously curious, and emotional support to maturing souls, during their spiritual awakening journey and beyond.   I work with a healing blend of proven energy based techniques and self-help tools that will assist you on your Spiritual Awakening journey.  My sessions are online, so I am able to connect with you and help you no matter where you are in the world.

SOUL Wisdom for the Consciously Curious

We often find it hard to calm our minds, soothe our hearts and connect with our soul self.  This is especially true during an awakening, when all of our most challenging emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours seem to be running wild.  Turning within can be daunting for us if we have been turning away from our truth, or facing those difficult aspects of ourselves.   Sometimes what we need is someone to hold our hand and guide us towards new possibilities and a new way of thinking.


Psycho-Spiritual guidance has its focus on the Soul and our soul self.  It fosters an an expanded view of life, acknowledging all belief systems, universal & personal energy systems, intuitive & psychic realities, conscious & subconscious states of awareness, psychic & spiritual experiences, spiritual concepts, spiritual presence & higher-self cosmic connections.


Metaphysics (Metaphysical healing) is energetic.  It takes place on an energetic level, across mind-body and spirit.  Everything that we experience in our physical world is connected to our energetic world, that being our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  When we invite metaphysical healing into our lives we are inviting ourselves to heal from the inside out.   

Self-Development (Spiritual Growth)

You are a soul who lives on Earth experiencing this life as a Human being with the help of your ego.  When it's time, you will return home (to spirit) and you will become a soul once again.  The purpose of this journey? GROWTH.  All the knowledge, experiences, challenges and mastery you gain in your life will be shared with your soul for the purposes or learning.


Self-healing refers to the things you can do to support your mind-body-spirit to function better, heal you faster, and heal more thoroughly.  The practice of self-healing, and the use of energy techniques is now common place, as people include it in their wellbeing routines, to insure a successful and positive balance within their lives. and reduce the build up of mental energy and stress.

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Disclaimer -  As a non-medical practitioner, I do not diagnose, treat or cure any mental/physical illness or disease or replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care professional. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is an exploration of the mind-body-spirit, within the field of the techniques in which I'm qualified and the spiritual experience and opinions I hold.